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Hronská Dúbrava - oficiálna stránka obce


Basic information and competence


Information about web site

This web site is administrated by village Hronska Dubrava and it is processed and filled in accordance with valid legislation and rules of accessibility of the web site according to annexe No. 1 to the regulation about standards for information systems of public authority No. 312/2010 of the Legal Code.


Administrator and owner of the content

Village Hronská Dúbrava
Hronská Dúbrava 112
966 11 Trnavá Hora
IČO: 00320668
Account number: 6226422/0200


Technical provider

Obrancov mieru 1856/60, post address Nižovec 8936/2A
960 01 Zvolen


Administrator of the web site content

Ing. Jozef Repiský
Hronská Dúbrava 60, 966 11


Information about competence

Village Hronska Dúbrava is the independent territorial autonomous and administrative unit of Slovak Republic. Hronska Dubrava practises its autonomous competences independently according to the law No. 369/1990 of the Legal Code about municipal system.


Village Hronská Dúbrava is in charge of:

Municipal Authority
Register Office
Municipal library
Municipal fire brigade
Municipal Cemetery and the Chapel of rest

Building Authority for village Hronská Dúbrava is established in the Municipal Authority in Žiar nad Hronom.



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